The Eyre Peninsula

Cairns, Sydney and maybe Melbourne is what makes up Australia for most Indian travellers. These are good places to visit and definitely a great introduction to Australia. But, once this trip has been done, most travellers tick off Australia from their ‘list of places to travel to’ and therein lies the tragedy. Because, there exists an Australia that is so splendid, pretty and spectacular that it makes the above itinerary feel like just a day in a theme park.

This is the Australia that the Old World chanced upon just over 200 years ago. An Australia that still makes you feel a bit like one of those first white settlers thanks to uncrowded places, unravaged beauty and undeveloped countryside. Here the sharks are big and white, the southern Ocean is frothy and wild and the koalas are free and certainly cannot be cuddled.

This is the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Again, itineraries featuring Adelaide, Kangaroo island and the Barossa Valley will be flashed in your face. Be firm! The above are good places, but in South Australia the Eyre Peninsula should get the larger chunk of your holiday time!

Here’s how to enhance your Eyre Penisula Holiday

Contact David Doudle from Goin’ Off Safaris. Trust me, if you love pristine beaches, good food and wine and adventure all packaged in a day or two with great stories and fabulous cooking a day spent with David, popularly known as ‘Lunch’ in Port Lincoln, will be the highlight of your trip to Australia. Lunch has grown up here is as local an experience you can get!

Go Swimming with Sea Lions with Adventure Bay Charters. Yes, you’ll have to endure choppy seas on the 1.5 hour boat ride to get to the spot and you’ll most probably be seasick. But, again trust me, it is absolutely worth it.

They also offer Shark Cage Diving which is further out and a whole day trip, but again well worth it. And, best of all they don’t use chum and blood to attract sharks. They use rock music and the sharks come in droves.

Have a meal at Del Giorno’s on Tasman Terrace in Port Lincoln. Fantastic food from breakfast right through to dinner.

Drop into the Boston Bay Winery and get Tony Ford who runs the show there a little drunk. What will follow is good food and sublime wine together with bouts of helpless laughter.

And here is South Australia’s web and social media presence to help you plan your trip
Twitter: @southaustralia
Facebook : @SouthAustralia.SEA
YouTube: Australia @southaustraliatravel
Instagram: @southaustralia
Website: and

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