Handmade Crochet Flip-Flops

Casual yet colourful, chic yet comfortable these handmade crochet sandals are your answer to what would you want to wear on a relaxed day out or to the beach or the yoga studio or whenever you feel like making your feet look a little extra pretty.

These proudly Indian made flip-flops feature sturdy and durable soles with handmade uppers that have been innovatively designed and meticulously crocheted.

The uppers are interchangeable so you can virtually have as many pairs of flip-flops as you wish in varying and vibrant colours.

The crocheted uppers have been made of specially spun mercerized pure cotton that has been dyed these bright colours.
A lot of work goes into creating these spectacular uppers. Each piece is lovingly and expertly hand crocheted then painstakingly beaded before it is finally finished.
These uppers come in two styles: slip on or tie up and, both styles can be interchanged on the same sole.

Available in a variety of sizes, colours and designs, a pair of these flip-flops retail at USD 15 with one upper of your choice.
Each extra pair of uppers is for USD 7.

If these pretty chappals, as we call them in India, have caught your fancy, do send across an email with your location and zip code and we’ll reply with the final price inclusive of taxes and shipping and about how you can make the payment.
You can also Whatsapp us on +91 9818636189

How the crochet flip-flops came about!

My friend Jyotsna has always loved to make things. She learnt how to knit when she was 5 years old, embroidery was mastered by the age of 9 and that year she also made her first cross stitch tapestry and was an expert at it by 14.

She likes to work with bright and bold colours and her brand Artistree was created when she started hand knitting sweaters, scarves and hats. Her work was featured in Elle Magazine through which a French clothing company got in touch with her and soon she was exporting hand knitted children’s clothes.

These crochet flip-flops are the latest trick up her sleeve. Years ago she had taught herself the art of crochet from a book. Recently after coming across a pair of bare flip-flop soles, she started experimenting and a truly innovative concept was born – handmade crochet flip-flops with detachable uppers.

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